XSD Limited
Finding the Future


We have been working on software environments for collaboration between humans and code-writing code. Experimental Symbol Processor 13 (ESP13) is the latest in a series of software designs.

MrPredictr The MrPredictr system performs time series analysis for financial and other data sets. It supports automated analysis of cyclical behavior and trends.
Activation The Activation x86/PC bootloader is an assembly program that builds into a bootable FAT-12 floppy disk image for BIOS-based systems (not needing EFI/UEFI). It loads and executes a 32-bit protected-mode kernel from the FAT-12 file system. It has been used to bootstrap a 64-bit microkernel operating system.


P2P, smart contracts, DAOs, trading systems, mining technology


Developing programming systems in Lisp (Common Lisp, Scheme, Racket), Forth, Assembly, C/C++

Digital Audio

Working with filters, codecs, processing, hyper-acoustic signals